About Family Tree Originals

In 1920, in an old church building on the Wal Street in Schoonhoven, Holland, Messrs. T. Visser and K. Prins started manufacturing Delft pottery under the name "Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven." Also known as Schoonhoven Keramiek. The production process that is used in the manufacture of this craftsman's product dates from the 17th century and originated in Delft, Holland. The pots themselves are fashioned using a carefully blended mixture of white-firing clay that is either poured into moulds or thrown on the wheel, depending on the form. After the first firing, the piece of pottery is hand-painted. It is subsequently covered with a thin layer of glaze and fired for the second time at a temperature of approx. 1,000°C. During this firing the product takes on its full luster and bright colors.

The Delft Birth Plate...a classic tradition...For decades European families have celebrated the birth of a new child by commissioning a fine Delft Birth Plate from Holland. Elaborately hand decorated and personalized by Dutch artisans, Birth Plates become treasured heirlooms the moment the gift box is opened. As a gift to parents, parents to be, or grandparents, there is no more heartwarming way to record the arrival of a son or daughter.

Working in time honored ways, Delft artisans create a unique heirloom just for you. Each authentic Delft Birth Plate is created in the same manner that has made Delft ware famous throughout the world. All designs and personalization are done in classic Delft Blues against a gleaming, Ivory background. When complete, the plate is glazed to ensure permanence and clarity of color.

Extraordinary Value...If you consider, for example, the cost of authentic Delft ware... even a small cup and saucer..you'll recognize the remarkable value each 8" diameter Delft Birth Plate represents. The Birth Plate price includes all personalization and import fees. And, we guarantee that your Birth Plate will arrive safely and in perfect condition. But, please remember that each plate is completely personalized by hand...so please allow up to eight weeks for delivery.

A unique gift...an extraordinary value ....a treasured keepsake.

Uniquely yours from Family Tree Originals.